Ultrasonic Monitoring

Ultrasonic has the ability to monitor:

UE Systems UltraTrak 850s joins the KCF Technologies family of products.

The World’s Smartest Permanently Mounted Ultrasound Sensor has joined KCF’s Comprehensive Machine Health Platform. Gain the power to see real time ultrasonic, temperature, and vibration data in one easy to-use platform. This addition to the product family grants platform users the ability to detect problems in the applications vibration isn’t quite sensitive enough to detect, to identify asset faults at the earliest stages—all through a single vendor


Slow Speed Bearings | Steam Traps | Valve Leak Detection

Ultrasonic Monitoring

Ultrasonic Monitors

  • Stage 1 and 2 Bearing Faults on BOP Assets
  • Bearing Faults on Slow Rotating Equipment
  • Leak Detection
  • Steam Trap Monitoring

Traditional ultrasonic sensors require tedious manual adjustments for every application and still have gaps in asset coverage. The Ultratrak 850s is smart, with automatic sensitivity adjustment. And with a measurement range of 0-100db, the Ultratrak 850s can detect everything from the lightest change to the largest fault condition.

Ultrasonic sensing on hardware in factory

The UltraTrak 850 sensor require a KCF Technologies IoT HUB and analog adapter for use.

The SMARTdiagnostics IOT HUB is the next generation of full asset health solutions designed to handle the most complex asset monitoring needs. Including: triggered collections, multi-functional sensor ports, and the ability to withstand higher temperatures with external power sourcing, with optional wired power solution.

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Ultrasonic Sensing on hardware to detect bearing faults