Base Station Gateway

The KCF Hardware Advantage:

DART Wireless

communication protocol used for sending data.

DART Wireless is KCF’s communication protocol used for sending data through our mesh network of wireless vibration sensors and Base Station Gateways. Sensors do not need to be paired to a specific Base Station. Instead, they can hop from one Base Station to another—utilizing the strongest signal pathway, ensuring a reliable stream of continuous data without any user input. This makes the system a modular and scalable solution for facilities of all sizes.

  • Enables full spectrum data at a one per minute frequency while maintaining long battery life
  • Patented communication protocol
  • Low RF interference
  • Will NOT interrupt plant Wi-Fi

Base Station Gateway

How It Works

Patented network built for:

zerointerference with plant Wi-Fi or other RF.

flow chart of wireless vibration sensors to base station gateways to readings through our software

Key Features

Mesh Network

The Base Station is the central device managing communications with all of your wireless devices and connects them to the internet. Multiple Base Stations located throughout a facility create a mesh network.

Data Storage

The Base Station Gateway is built with ample internal storage to ensure your data is safe, even if the connection to SMARTdiagnostics is lost temporarily.

Nerve Center

The Base Station is the nerve center of any SMARTdiagnostics Machine Health Platform installation, allowing effective predictive maintenance for your industrial equipment.

Base Station Gateway Installation

Our Base Station Gateways Need Just Two Things for Use:

  • a power outlet
  • an internet connection

This connection can be through your plant’s Ethernet, or the Base Station’s built-in cellular modem.

Base Stations are mounted using KCF’s universal mount. This allows for mounting to poles, railings, walls, shelves, and more—usually without the use of tools. It’s best to mount the Base Station up high, both to get a good line of sight above most of the shop floor industrial equipment, but also to keep them out of reach.

base station gateway in a mining plant

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