What is SENTRYsolutions?

SENTRYsolutions is a team of experts that provides customized analysis and solutions for your plant’s assets. Our team is made up of engineers, vibration experts, industry specialists, and optimization professionals who have the training and expertise to understand your business objectives, offer industry-leading solutions, and support your manufacturing operations.

Our experts provide predictive maintenance advice and machine health optimization guidance for your plant’s assets. SENTRYsolutions will add custom configuration, priority checks, and efficiency improvements for your plant’s assets to boost operational performance.

Best-in-Class and largest group of Mobius Certified Cat II and III vibration analysts in North America.

Benefits of a SENTRYsolutions Partnership

Anyone can monitor for faults. SENTRYsolutions proactively solves your most persistent asset problems and permanently engineers failure out of your processes.

  • Expert help in predictive maintenance
  • Maintenance, priority checks, and efficiency improvements
  • Custom configuration and ongoing optimization of your machine health optimization solutions

Enterprise Scalability that supports unlimited sensors, unlimited data, unlimited software seats, and unlimited locations.

SENTRYsolutions Optimization Expertise

Developing Comprehensive Monitoring in Harsh Environments

SENTRY engineers work with clients to develop comprehensive machine health solutions for critical production assets. Machines that typically operate in harsh environments may be incompatible with traditional methods of vibration monitoring.

Optimization of Power Usage

We’ve developed utility monitoring solutions to help monitor outages on antiquated substations. Our experts also help reduce the amount plants are operating their pumping systems during planned downtime, which has saved one customer $20k in power usage each month.

Detecting Unique Press Faults

Developing custom models for critical parts within a larger press system has enabled customers to automatically detect and diagnose faults that are unique to each machine component. Scalable solutions like this are being replicated across OEMs to eliminate expensive downtime.


customer savings

hours of prevented downtime

hours of monitoring

Gain an Unbeatable Competitive Edge

Gain access to our experienced team of certified vibration analysts and engineers and amplify the value of your SMARTdiagnostics investment to solve the problems that are most important to your business. 

Our partnership starts with a conversation. Contact us today to learn more about how SENTRYsolutions can solve your manufacturing problems.