Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

This policy document outlines the procedures and guidelines for KCF Technologies, Inc. (KCF) regarding the research, findings, public disclosure, and remediation of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) affecting our products and services. The purpose of this policy is to ensure a consistent and transparent approach to handling CVEs, with a focus on maintaining the security and trust of our customers.

CVE Creation Process

Identification and Assessment:

CVE Creation:

Research and Findings


Risk Assessment:

Public Disclosure

Responsible Disclosure:

CVE Publication:

Customer Communication

Status Email Notification:

Contacting Affected Customers

In situations where it is determined that KCF customers are being actively exploited due to a confirmed vulnerability, the following steps will be taken:

KCF recognizes the importance of collaboration with affected customers during vulnerability mitigation efforts. The security team encourages customers to report any suspicious activities, provide additional insights into the impact of the vulnerability, and actively participate in implementing recommended security measures.


Remediation Process:

Patch Deployment:

Verification and Validation:

Ongoing Communication

Throughout the vulnerability remediation process, KCF will maintain open lines of communication with affected customers. Regular updates, progress reports, and any necessary clarifications will be provided to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.

By proactively detecting actively exploited vulnerabilities and promptly contacting affected customers, KCF aims to minimize the impact of such vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security posture of its products and services.


This policy outlines KCF’ approach to the research, findings, public disclosure, and remediation of CVEs affecting our software and hardware products.

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