Wireless Vibration Sensor

Total Cost Sustainment:


less than the average competitor

Optimized for low power use, the third generation Wireless Vibration Sensor uses easily replaceable batteries and KCF Technologies’ proprietary wireless protocol that transmits the full vibration spectrum over the air on a nearly-continuous basis.

The system provides continuous remote monitoring of key performance indicators to track the operating health of equipment.

  • Full spectrum up to minute-by-minute data capture  ​
  • Industrial grade hardware – Class 1, Div 2 certified ​
  • High quality data​
  • Hazardous location rated​
  • Deploys and generates data in minutes​
  • Powered by an over the counter battery, easily replaced in seconds
  • Full control over sensor system – move & reassign sensors

Wireless Vibration Sensor

How It Works

Patented network built for:

zerointerference with plant Wi-Fi or other RF.

machine health platform diagram - wireless vibration sensors to base stations to SMARTdiagnostics machine health software

Key Features

Reliable Monitoring

Vibration Sensor Nodes provide health monitoring in the most hard-to-reach, rugged locations. Each node communicates via a direct wireless link to a Base Station Gateway, from which the data is imported into SMARTdiagnostics software for viewing and analysis.

Flexible Configuration

Machine monitoring systems using the wireless vibration sensor are highly configurable and scalable. A system can have thousands of sensor points, each of which can be configured to transmit data on a user-selected frequency, and unique indicators can be implemented to warn users of potential machine health issues.


Wireless Vibration sensors are easily installed without the downtime, expense, and labor costs of old-fashioned, hard-wired sensors. Simply place the sensors where you need them and within minutes they’ll start transmitting data.

Ruggedized Solutions, Designed to Provide the Right Data.

KCF’s Wireless Vibration Sensor offers industry leading data acquisition—collecting the full spectrum of data as often as once every minute. Our unique ability to take high-interval, full spectrum data, allows for a best-in-class machine learning training dataset—delivering exceptional predictive maintenance analytics.

The sensor’s powerful magnetic
base makes install simple
. Stick it on a monitoring point—no tools required. Where magnetic mounting won’t work, there is a ¼-28 stud mounting feature.

Wireless Vibration Sensor on machinery at EQT

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Wireless Vibration Sensor in dirty environment