Dr. Jeremy Frank

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Jeremy Frank, CEO of KCF Technologies, is a distinguished figure in industrial innovation, originally from Pittsburgh, PA, where his early involvement in his father’s business analyzing workplace accidents sparked a lifelong pursuit of machinery safety and efficiency. A Penn State alumnus with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Jeremy was deeply influenced by Dr. Gary Koopmann, leading to the co-founding of KCF Technologies in 2000. Under his leadership, KCF has pioneered advancements in wireless vibration sensing and machine health monitoring.

Today, the company is a global leader in predictive maintenance, monitoring over 80,000 machines across numerous industries, driven by Jeremy’s vision of eradicating unplanned downtime and enhancing industrial safety.


  • Pumps System Matter
  • Asme Industrial Advisory Board
  • Penn State Launchbox and Hedy’s Garage


  • Hydraulic Institute
    • Board Member and VP of Knowledge and Education (2012-2017)
  • Innovative Manufacturers Center
    • Board Member (2012-2018)
  • Eden Hill Conservancy
    • Board Member (2010-2016)


  • Penn State Alumni Achievement Award (2011)


  • Ford Global Engineering Awards
    • 2019 Keynote Speaker
  • Penn State College of Engineering Research Symposium
    • 2019 Keynote Speaker
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017
    • Launchbox Keynote Speaker

Lou Romano


Vijay Gogineni

Chief Technology Officer

Jacob Loverich

Chief Product Officer

Sarah Krider

Executive Chief of Staff

Erica Sankey

Engineering Chief of Staff

Kevin Vincent

Senior VP of Sales & Marketing

Ali Wolff

Senior VP of Finance & Accounting

Adam Dalo

VP of Technical Operations

Sean Buda

VP of Marketing