EDL Receives Prestigious “Rookie of the Year Award” at the 10th Annual Manufacturing the Future Summit Hosted by KCF Technologies

June 27, 2024

The Rookie of the Year Award is a significant award at the Manufacturing the Future Summit. It is a testament to EDL being a leader of innovation in the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) sector. We are thrilled to see Jon and EDL win this award and recognize the great work they are doing. Their work aligns with our original dream that started 24 years ago to have a world with zero waste, zero injuries, and zero downtime.

Ahlstrom’s Warren DeBay Receives Prestigious “Innovator of the Year Award” at the 10th Annual Manufacturing the Future Summit Hosted by KCF Technologies

June 24, 2024

State College, PA – KCF Technologies was proud to announce the 10th anniversary of the annual Manufacturing the Future Summit, a premier event dedicated to celebrating exceptional achievements and innovations in the manufacturing industry. This year’s summit once again honored those who drive excellence and transformation in their respective fields, culminating in the presentation of six prestigious awards from over 700 global locations.

KCF Technologies and SEAM Group Announce Strategic Partnership to Capitalize on Complementary Expertise 

April 16, 2024

STATE COLLEGE, Pa – KCF Technologies, a leader in IoT-connected machine health monitoring, and SEAM Group, a global leader in safety, maintenance, and reliability, are thrilled to announce a partnership that brings together two industry experts to offer a comprehensive solution for end-to-end reliability consulting, machine monitoring, and actionable predictive maintenance insights for electrical and mechanical assets. 

Mastering the Giants: Innovations in Monitoring the Health of Overhead Cranes

April 1, 2024

Overhead cranes are indispensable to the manufacturing sector, acting as the backbone of production lines. Comprising motors, gearboxes, and bearings, these cranes face unique challenges in health monitoring due to their intermittent operation and varied motions. This introduces a significant hurdle in preventing unplanned downtime, which can be costly for industries. Our exploration into effective health monitoring strategies reveals the importance of keeping these industrial giants running smoothly, ensuring that production never misses a beat.

KCF Technologies Unveils Piezo Sensing: A Revolutionary Machine Health Solution for Low and High-Speed Machines

March 11, 2024

STATE COLLEGE, PA – KCF Technologies, a leader in machine health solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, Piezo Sensing, as part of its SMARTsensing suite of hardware products. This new offering revolutionizes machine health monitoring by providing unmatched precision and reliability across a vast spectrum of industrial applications.

How to optimize the health of intermittent and complex industrial equipment: IoT HUB Triggering

February 21, 2024

Vibration monitoring for standard industrial rotating equipment is anything but new. The first accelerometer that was commercialized was created in 1924, with the piezoelectric accelerometer coming to the market shortly after, bringing a new level of accuracy to the developing field of vibration monitoring. Today, MEMS accelerometers are the standard in monitoring standard rotating equipment like fans, pumps, and motors. However, the quality of data transmitted by these sensors varies dramatically company to company, […]

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