STATE COLLEGE, Pa – KCF Technologies, a leader in IoT-connected machine health monitoring, and SEAM Group, a global leader in safety, maintenance, and reliability, are thrilled to announce a partnership that brings together two industry experts to offer a comprehensive solution for end-to-end reliability consulting, machine monitoring, and actionable predictive maintenance insights for electrical and mechanical assets. 

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the industry, combining SEAM Group’s deep expertise in reliability consulting and asset management with KCF Technologies’ advanced capabilities in machine health monitoring through IoT-connected devices and AI. Together, the two companies will provide a robust approach to machine health, benefiting clients across various sectors including food and beverage, distribution, light manufacturing, hospitality, fulfillment centers, and more.  

Key Highlights of the Partnership: 

Comprehensive Machine Health Approach

This collaboration offers a holistic solution to machine health, leveraging the strengths of both companies to deliver insights and monitoring capabilities. 

SEAM Group Consulting Expertise

Through years of experience in advisory and consulting asset management and optimization partnerships with global brands, SEAM Group combines its safety, maintenance, and reliability expertise to help clients implement optimized preventive and predictive maintenance programs that meet and exceed compliance requirements and regulations, including the NFPA 70B standard for electrical equipment maintenance. 

Enhanced Remote Monitoring

The partnership expands SEAM Group’s field services team which includes comprehensive infrared thermography and route-based vibration monitoring services by powering its monitoring capabilities with KCF’s 24/7/365 remote vibration monitoring capability and the extensive possibilities unlocked by the IoT HUB including Ultrasonic, Oil Humidity, tachometer, piezo, motor current signature analysis, pressure signature, voltage, and current monitoring. 

KCF’s IoT-Connected Devices

KCF Technologies brings to the table their advanced IoT-connected devices that capture high-definition vibration data and other critical data points via their IOT HUB. 

SMARTdiagnostics Software Solution

KCF’s SMARTdiagnostics software will provide SEAM Group customers a comprehensive view of machine health 24/7, prioritizing maintenance activities, and actionable insights that protect against catastrophic failure, in tandem with SEAM Group’s ViewPoint® solution for infrared thermography, and critical safety procedures. 

Complementary Expertise

SEAM Group’s hands-on approach with electrical assets, infrared inspections, and reliability consulting will be further enhanced by KCF’s end-to-end solution, offering a more complete reliability solution for clients looking for remote monitoring expertise.

Expanded Reliability Solutions

The partnership will leverage SEAM Group’s expertise in switchgear/electrical monitoring with KCF’s knowledge in rotodynamic equipment, creating a comprehensive machine health solution for their clients.

“We are excited to complement SEAM Group’s expertise in switchgear, electrical assets, and reliability consulting. Together, we will elevate the industry with our joint technological strengths to offer a unique and comprehensive solution to our clients. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in machine health monitoring,” said Jeremy Frank, CEO and Co-founder at KCF Technologies. 

This collaboration with KCF Technologies is a significant milestone that enhances our ability to provide top-tier reliability consulting, field services, and machine monitoring capabilities, delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Simon Boyce
Chief Revenue Officer
SEAM Group

The partnership between KCF Technologies and SEAM Group is poised to set new standards in the industry, offering clients an unrivaled solution for machine health monitoring and reliability consulting. The industrial world will get their first look at this new collaboration at the 2024 Manufacturing the Future Summit, June 10th and 11th in State College, PA.

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About KCF Technologies

KCF Technologies offers the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable Machine Health Platform, backed by over two decades of experience. With a global presence spanning six continents and serving more than 600 unique locations, KCF Technologies has saved over 75,000 hours of downtime across 145,000 assets worldwide. Their solution combines real-time analytics, machine learning, and SMARTdiagnostics software to empower businesses to take the right actions at the right time, ensuring optimal machine performance.  

About SEAM Group

SEAM Group is a global leader in energized asset performance focused on delivering safety, reliability, and maintenance solutions to some of the world’s largest companies. Inspecting more than one million assets per year, SEAM Group offers a proven platform that combines strategic advisory, custom training, advanced technology, and actionable data management to position customers for success. 


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