All Industries

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas leaders in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors rely on our machine health optimization technology to identify machine faults, reduce asset failures, maximize production, and keep their employees safe.


Automotive manufacturing is one of the most advanced industries in the world, but is nevertheless frequently disrupted by machine reliability problems. Automakers can gain a competitive edge with machine health technology built for complex assets.

Forest Products

Forest product mills and plants depend on the continuous operation of every machine component. KCF’s state-of-the-art asset monitoring solutions for the forestry industry are designed to decrease energy costs, optimize processes, decrease downtime, and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs.

Life Sciences

Asset downtime impacts more than productivity in manufacturing life sciences, which relies on machine-driven processes to ensure a sterile production environment. Our machine health optimization platform was built for manufacturers that need to maintain strict environmental controls.


Machinery used in mining is exposed to some of the harshest manufacturing conditions, and traditional vibration monitoring equipment can’t withstand the challenge. We built a rugged and smart machine health optimization platform for the mining industry.


Our machine health optimization solution is built to monitor both new and legacy metal production assets so smart manufacturers can remotely monitor their critical machinery, increase the safety of their facility, decrease downtime, and optimize production.


Explore the advancements in machine health across chemical processes, with a focus on real-world case studies that demonstrate their impact. Learn how predictive maintenance is optimizing operations..


Energy producers can take back control of rising O&M costs and eliminate unplanned downtime. Deliver on the promise of energy efficiency and reliability with our machine health optimization solution for power generation facilities.

Food & Beverage

Our machine health optimization platform helps food and beverage manufacturers minimize unplanned downtime, catch faults far earlier than traditional vibration monitoring systems, and meet quality and production benchmarks.