Oil Humidity Sensor

Oil humidity is one of the many monitoring capabilities seamlessly integrated into KCF’s Comprehensive Machine Health Monitoring Platform.

Oil humidity is a measure of how much water is dissolved in a sample of oil. Humidity in oil can cause lubrication loss and corrosion of machine parts, so continuous oil humidity monitoring is critical in diagnosing and preventing a potential failure. Correlating rises and falls in humidity with the timing of process changes can help identify root causes of water ingress, which could occur not only from the breaching of an oil system by liquid water, but from humid air entering through a vent or a breather.

In addition to monitoring oil humidity, the IFM LDF-100 measures oil temperature, that could signal late-stage wear in gears.

Oil Humidity Sensor


  1. Lubrication or hydraulic systems in high-humidity environments, such as steam turbines
  2. Correlating process changes with rises and falls in humidity
  3. Identifying potential system design failures causing water ingress

Oil Humidity Sensors require a KCF Technologies IoT HUB and analog adapter for use.

The SMARTdiagnostics IOT HUB is the next generation of full asset health solutions designed to handle the most complex asset monitoring needs. Including: triggered collections, multi-functional sensor ports, and the ability to withstand higher temperatures with external power sourcing, with optional wired power solution.

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