Enhance your vibration monitoring capabilities for variable speed assets in your plant using two new tachometer sensor options – inductive and optical.

Variable speed assets, such as paper machines and conveyors, can be challenging to monitor due to constantly changing conditions. Trending running speed data in real-time with vibration data gives a clearer picture into the health of your assets. By using tachometers alongside wireless vibration sensors, clear connections between running speed and vibration can be made, giving operators the power to know the optimal conditions for throughput and machine health and allowing structural resonances to be addressed.

Inductive Tachometer

Inductive is best suited for equipment that may be running in dirtier environments. In addition, it must be mounted very close to the shaft.

Optical Tachometer

Optical is best suited for machines that remain relatively clean. In addition, it is useful in places where mounting directly next to the shaft is not possible.

Inductive & Optical Tachometers

Key Features

  1. Bring tachometer data into the machine health platform.
  2. Options for install: Inductive and Optical.
  3. Identify optimal running speeds for machine health and throughput.
kcf technology workers discussing inductive and optical tachometers asset health solutions

Tachometers require a KCF Technologies IoT HUB and analog adapter for use.

The SMARTdiagnostics IOT HUB is the next generation of full asset health solutions designed to handle the most complex asset monitoring needs. Including: triggered collections, multi-functional sensor ports, and the ability to withstand higher temperatures with external power sourcing, with optional wired power solution.

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KCF Technologies Inductive & Optical Tachometers asset health solutions