MUD at a Glance

Municipal Utility Districts (MUD) are essential for community growth, quality infrastructure, and economic development. At the core of this framework are the assets— pumps, motors, blowers and others that run this critical infrastructure.

KCF Technologies combines condition monitoring data with actionable insights and maintenance practices to paint a full picture of how to optimize the system.

It’s not enough to simply know that an asset is failing. Your machine health solution can only provide long-term value if it helps you understand what causes asset degradation and how to avoid those conditions, helping you reach new heights of productivity and uptime.

Essential Infrastructure: Motors; Blowers; Well Pumps; Lift Station Pumps; Clarifiers

Katy, Texas Case Study
Shifting from Reactive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance. 

The Problem

Unplanned failures and running equipment to failure lead to inefficient maintenance planning and costly repairs.

What We Identified

There are usually assets needing attention that aren’t due for maintenance, and assets that are getting maintenance done to them that don’t need it.

Our Solution

KCF Technologies SMARTdiagnostics software to identify top trending assets and their specific problems help focus maintenance from reactive to predictive.

Why KCF?
8x-10x ROI

As Well As: Prioritize Maintenance Efforts; Eliminate Catastrophic Failure; Quality Check Repairs; Understand Root Cause; Shift from Reactive to Predictive

Blower #8

  1. Upon install, when comparing across like assets, KCF Technologies software identified Blower 8 was running much higher than similar Blowers 6 and 7.
  2. The issue was called out by KCF Technologies automatic alarms and Sentry Solutions team to the operator maintenance team.
  3. With real-time, accurate data from KCF’s Machine Health Platform, the maintenance team took the recommended action to address the blower mesh issue by replacing/greasing the blower mesh coupling.

Vibration levels immediately came back to healthy levels and avoided a future catastrophic failure.

Optimize Your Machine Health

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