State College, PA — KCF Technologies, a pioneering force in the field of machine health optimization, proudly announces the acquisition of its 23rd patent, reinforcing its position as an industry leader in innovative solutions for machine health monitoring. This newest patent titled, “Machine-Triggered Health Data Collections with Automatically Set Delay,” defines an innovative way to measure the health of complex equipment using KCF’s IoT HUB.  

The KCF IoT HUB has already established itself as a transformative technology, setting new standards for complex equipment. This advanced hardware is engineered to offer an array of capabilities, including triggered and synchronous samples, intermittent equipment monitoring, speed change tracking, and repetitive cycle analysis. In addition to monitoring complex equipment, what sets the KCF IoT HUB apart is its unparalleled ability to consolidate data from various sensors — such as tachometers, ultrasonic, oil quality, pressure, and more — into a single software ecosystem. This unique capability enables the platform to achieve an impressive 3.6 times greater asset coverage than other machine health providers, streamlining and enhancing machine health monitoring in diverse industrial settings. 

The newly patented feature introduces a low-power sensing method that revolutionizes the way certain machines, like cranes and robots, are monitored. For these types of complex and intermittently operating equipment, the health of the equipment needs to be assessed at certain points in time during its operation when the load and speed are steady to keep from confusing a normal operational condition with a machine health problem. KCF’s patent introduces a method to determine the precise timing when a steady condition is established relative to a trigger signal that indicates the start of the equipment’s operation. That timing is then used to initiate monitoring in subsequent operating cycles.   

“KCF Technologies is dedicated to spearheading sustainability, safety, and competitiveness across industries by addressing machine health challenges head-on. Our 23rd patent showcases our commitment to innovation and our passion for developing cutting-edge solutions that empower industries to eliminate downtime, waste, and operational setbacks.” 

Jeremy Frank, CEO
KCF Technologies

This 23rd patent joins a robust portfolio of patents that underscores KCF’s pursuit of innovation.

Notable patents within the portfolio include: 

Channel Adaptation in Sensor Networks:
This patent optimizes data transmission over wireless networks, enhancing battery life, wireless range, and data rate efficiency. It enables approximately 8 times greater data transmission efficiency compared to other companies with vibration monitoring capabilities. 

Optimization for Anomaly Detection:
This patent refines anomaly detection by narrowing the scope of data used, reducing computational demands while maintaining accuracy, especially in variable equipment environments. 

The KCF Vibration Sensor:
Focused on sensor alignment and center of mass, this patent ensures accurate vibration measurement by preventing sensor rocking during perpendicular vibration. 

Automatic Periodic Adjustment of Equipment Parameters:
Protecting a closed feedback system for equipment operating parameters, optimizing settings like speed or gear to extend equipment life within operational envelopes. 

Since its inception, KCF Technologies has been at the forefront of machine health optimization. The company’s Comprehensive Machine Health Platform combines near real-time condition monitoring data with on-site insights and maintenance strategies, culminating in a holistic view of factory environments. By employing KCF’s proprietary machine health optimization solution, which encompasses hardware, software, and services, industrial processes are fortified against failures, resulting in significant savings. To date, KCF’s contributions have prevented over $4 billion in unplanned downtime since 2018

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Sean Buda 
VP, Marketing 


KCF Technologies exists to drive sustainability, safety, and competitiveness for our partners and their communities by solving the world’s machine health problems. Our team empowers industry to eradicate downtime, waste, and injuries with KCF’s Comprehensive Machine Health Platform. We combine condition monitoring data with shop floor insights and maintenance practices to paint a complete picture of the factory environment. Failure is engineered out of the processes using KCF’s proprietary machine health optimization solution — made up of hardware, software, and services. Our impact on industry has prevented over $4B in unplanned downtime since 2018.