Calfrac Well Services (Calfrac), one of the largest hydraulic fracturing companies based on horsepower (~1.3 million horsepower) is using KCF Technologies Machine Health Platform to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Calfrac’s services include hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, cementing, and other well stimulation techniques designed to help increase the production of oil and natural gas. Operating in western Canada, United States, and Argentina, Calfrac has fully deployed KCF Technologies’ Platform across all 10 of its fleets in the US.

The relationship between Calfrac and KCF Technologies started in 2021 with one fleet and quickly accelerated to cover all their US based fleets. This acceleration has led to a 6x ROI and an estimated $10.5M in savings for 2022. The largest contributor of savings last year came from Clean Boost Pump Optimization, Split Stream optimization, and fully integrating RPM, Pressure, and Gear Data into KCF’s Comprehensive Machine Health platform, SMARTdiagnostics.

In 2022, four key benefits were identified as big wins for the Calfrac and KCF teams that were collaborating on the deployment:

  1. Elimination of catastrophic failures, catching all the low-lying fruit
  2. Prioritized maintenance to maximize efficient planned downtime
  3. Increased safety benefits by reducing number of catastrophic failures
  4. Reduced pump cavitation leading to longer fluid end life

Additionally, in 2022, Calfrac’s engagement with the KCF platform increased with all new US field employees receiving KCF Academy training as part of their onboarding. With 527 hours spent learning and 1,581 courses completed, Calfrac has empowered and upskilled their workforce to be best-in-class machine health problem solvers.

Moving into 2023, Calfrac is rolling out KCF’s MachineIQ application-based analytics across their fleet to take advantage of the full power of the SMARTdiagnostics machine health platform as part of its commitment to leading service quality in the fracturing space. Machine IQ gives Calfrac the competitive advantage of, continuously added, documented faults that are training KCF’s industry leading ML models.

Operators often operate blind to the damage occurring, on average incurring 1-2 hours of damage extended onto the equipment. With Machine IQ, operators are alerted within seconds so they can mitigate unnecessary damage immediately.

“Calfrac uses leading-edge technology to be at the forefront of efficiency and safety. Our relationship with KCF Technologies allows us to avoid catastrophic component failures, minimize unplanned maintenance, and reduce non-productive time. In 2023, we look forward to rolling out KCF’s MachineIQ to further enhance our predictive strategy and detect  anomalies in minutes rather than hours.”

President, US Division
Calfrac Well Services


Sean Buda
VP, Marketing


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