KCF Technologies Releases All-New SMARTdiagnostics 4: Achieve Peak Operational Health

May 23, 2022 | Press Releases

State College, PA: KCF Technologies announced today their newest software release, SMARTdiagnostics; a complete redesign of the current platform and the richest, most intuitive machine health optimization software yet.

Built-in parallel with world-class manufacturing partners, the all-new SMARTdiagnostics 4 has moved the software from a place to pull data to a feature-rich, intuitive, and connected platform delivering visualizations and integrations that had previously only been on the industries’ wish list.

Completing KCF’s new platform is enhanced AI/Machine Learning, Automated Fault algorithms, integration with CMMS providers to generate work orders, and the ability to integrate PLC data to deliver even more powerful insights.

“The modern plant may produce more data than tangible goods, and yet most of it gets left on the shop floor. We developed the SMARTdiagnostics platform to turn overwhelming amounts of manufacturing data into actionable machine health insight.” – Dr. Jeremy Frank, CEO

New Features include:

MachineIQ automatically classifies and makes recommendations to solve issues. It facilitates workflows to schedule maintenance work.

DAMAGE SCORE evaluates all assets and relatively weights them in regard to machine health. Quickly understand the health of your equipment with a simple 1-10 Metric

SensorAI is designed to consistently monitor data to search for deviations and sudden changes that will drive the immediacy of action for a plant’s most critical assets. (Coming Q4 2022)

Benefits include:

  • Assurance that 100% of maintenance performed is done correctly
  • Actionable Machine Health insights
  • Accurate and efficient maintenance planning
  • Optimize and/or automate plant’s critical applications
  • Accelerate Machine Learning and AI for plant operations
  • Accurate tracking of ROI

The all-new SMARTdiagnostics ingests the right data, performs the right analysis, and recommends—or automatically executes—the right action. SMARTdiagnostics 4 became available to customers on May 23, 2022.

About KCF Technologies:

KCF is on a mission to permanently solve the complex asset problems that have plagued industry. Our team develops technology and services that empower industrial businesses to eliminate unplanned downtime, optimize their operations, and outpace their competition. 

For more information on SMARTdiagnostics 4, visit www.kcftech.com.


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