The modern factory may produce more data than tangible goods, and yet most of it gets left on the shop floor. We developed the SMARTdiagnostics platform to turn overwhelming amounts of manufacturing data into actionable machine health insight.
SMARTdiagnostics ingests the right data, performs the right analysis, and recommends—or automatically executes—the right action.

HOW SMARTdiagnostics WORKS

The broad asset coverage provided by connected machine health monitoring hardware generates the right data to optimize your plant, but not the necessary insight. SMARTdiagnostics connects data to action with the right analysis performed at the right time.


SMARTdiagnostics ingests data from a range of sensors (including third-party sensors) that measure inputs such as:
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Thermography
  • Lubrication condition and quality
  • Ultrasonic distance
  • Motor current
However, even the most comprehensive asset monitoring hardware can’t tell the entire story of machine health.

Root cause analysis—finding out why an asset fails—is what sets the SMARTdiagnostics machine health optimization platform apart from standard asset monitoring solutions. To get to the root of machine health problems, manufacturers need to understand how the operating conditions present in their plant are contributing to asset failures.

SMARTdiagnostics also takes in human and process data such as maintenance operations, repairs, and inspections. This type of information often gets lost in handwritten notes or emails, or is kept in a completely separate system from hardware input data.


By combining data from a range of sensor types (including third-party sensors) and the people and processes that influence asset behavior in your plant, SMARTdiagnostics can create a holistic view of machine health for accurate root cause analysis.

SMARTdiagnostics was built to be as easy to use as it is powerful, and accessible to many different types of users. 

MachineIQ Analytics screenshot
You no longer need to be a vibration analyst or reliability engineer to understand indicators of machine health (although both of those roles will appreciate the robust capabilities of the platform). Intelligent data visualizations, customizable by job function, put actionable machine health information — from basic alarms to long-term optimization recommendations — in front of the right people at the right time.

AI and machine learning are fundamental components of SMARTdiagnostics and can start creating value on Day One with no in-house expertise required. Out-of-the-box algorithms for your most critical assets cut out most of the work typically required to set up machine learning, so you can get up and running faster. SMARTdiagnostics doesn’t just learn from machine inputs; the platform ingests shop-floor knowledge to customize analytics to your specific assets. Dynamic baseline-setting capabilities mean that you’ll only receive alarms when an issue truly needs your attention.


SMARTdiagnostics doesn’t stop at telling you why your assets underperform. Users can automate actions to remedy problems, such as generating work orders via your CMMS or even changing machine settings on-the-fly with PLC integration. It also tracks the results of maintenance actions, letting you know how effective they really are. If a machine’s performance does not improve as a result of maintenance, SMARTdiagnostics will find out why and prescribe further corrective action.
Features like dynamic health scores, risk modelling, edge case isolation, and support for cross-system digital workflows help manufacturers from the shop floor to the boardroom make smarter, better decisions about how to run and optimize their operations

SMARTdiagnostics combines the right data with the right analysis to drive the right action, putting you back in control of your operations.


SMARTdiagnostics is easy-to-use and infinitely scalable. It brings powerful machine health insights and actions to plants of all sizes, whether you have a handful of monitoring points or thousands of sensors deployed. SMARTdiagnostics is web-based, so it’s easy to access from anywhere and updates are applied automatically for maximum continuous value.


Workbench is the heart of SMARTdiagnostics, containing all of the tools you need to catch and diagnose machine health faults.
Asset Cards in SMARTdiagnostics
Asset Cards provide clear visualizations of the current health of your monitored equipment and rank assets from “Healthy” to “Least Healthy” for quick prioritization of maintenance activities. Damage Score instantly shows areas of elevated risk, taking into account when planned downtime is scheduled and what replacement parts are available.
Workbench is where you’ll find Trends, the home for advanced data analysis in SMARTdiagnostics. Use filters to select data types to view, see long-term trends visualized, see event notations, and click into the trend line to drill down into any given moment in time. You can even listen to your equipment without stepping foot onto the shop floor.
Trendline screenshot
Front-line users like maintenance, reliability, and operations professionals can use Workbench to optimize machine performance both on-the-fly and over time. PLC integration overlapped with machine health data allows you to adjust machine set points for optimal performance at any time, based on current operating conditions. Maintenance efficiency and efficacy is increased with predictive, prescriptive, and prioritized maintenance guidance, plus the ability to keep a robust log of work done on a particular asset over time.


Spend less time analyzing and more time acting with Dashboards. All of the complex data obtained from your machines can be simplified into user-specific visualizations that anyone in the shop can take action on.
Standard Dashboard screenshot
Out-of-the-box dashboards give you an overview of your site and asset performance. You can quickly compare specific assets so you know exactly where to allocate your resources.
Custom dashboards enable plant management to set and monitor KPIs for plants, divisions, lines, and shifts, driving continuous improvement across all operations. Data analytics personnel will have more time to focus on other high-value tasks, since building databasing and dashboard tooling for raw data sets off of the shop floor is now fully automated, accelerating time-to-value from data visualizations.

Dashboards drive quicker action to address critical issues, reducing operating costs and unplanned downtime and improving OEE.

Plant Dashboard


SMARTdiagnostics’ Analytics is like an extra set of eyes on all of your key assets without having to make a single additional hire. Get instant information about changes in machine performance trends, including what faults are causing a decline in machine health.
SMARTdiagnostics comes equipped with off-the-shelf analytics for fans, pumps, and motors, letting you scale analytics faster and start seeing value on Day One. You’ll also get a sandbox AI environment for creating your own algorithms, eliminating 90% of the work required to develop custom in-house analytics.
Shop floor users no longer need to wait for a technical expert to spend hours analyzing one asset. Instead, Analytics tools will help them take faster action by showing which fault is most probable, and ingesting feedback after the fix to train the algorithm based on shop floor knowledge. Its human-in-the-loop architecture ensures your analytics only get better and more accurate over time, and drives engagement and accountability at the shop-floor level.
MachineIQ screenshot


When industry-leading sensors meet modern AI and machine learning techniques, you get SMARTdiagnostics’ all-new SensorAI feature. SensorAI uses cutting-edge, unsupervised machine learning techniques to identify new and unexpected operating conditions for your assets. The baseline health of your assets changes over time — SensorAI detects these changes and dynamically sets the “Healthy” baselines on your critical equipment, so alarm and warning thresholds are always accurate.
SensorAI uses KCF’s expert knowledge gained from billions of machine sensor readings in our proprietary database. Using that knowledge combined with the latest AI/ML techniques, SensorAI drives maximum value for all user groups.
This real-time monitoring of machine health cuts through the noise to provide clear determinations, including if your machine is operating at its peak, experiencing a rapid deterioration in health, or experiencing gradual, long-term damage. Using SensorAI, you will receive meaningful alerts at the right time so you can take the right action.


Desk brings full asset lifecycle management and transparent collaboration to SMARTdiagnostics. When monitoring and maintenance systems aren’t integrated, critical information can get lost between finding a problem, creating a work ticket, and carrying out maintenance. Desk brings all of these tasks together.

Automatically create work orders via CMMS integration that are populated with all the critical machine health information needed, track progress, and confirm the outcome of your maintenance activities, all within the SMARTdiagnostics platform. Closing the loop between problems and solutions creates accountability and transparency across your entire plant.

Desk screenshot


SMARTdiagnostics connectors bridge the gap between hardware, software, and third parties. Av connectors include:

  • PI-OPC
  • API
  • Data Pipeline
  • SMARTconnect
SMARTdiagnostics is capable of bidirectional communication with a number of platforms, including CMMS platforms like Maximo, PLCs, data historians, and more. You can automate critical machine health actions like work order generation, stitching your digital workflows across systems to create one continuous, traceable thread.

Our SMARTdiagnostics engineers can rise to nearly any integration or customization challenge. Learn how SMARTdiagnostics can integrate with and elevate your operations infrastructure by requesting a demo today.


There’s a lot that goes into building a machine health optimization platform this advanced. SMARTdiagnostics was developed with:
600 TB

170,000 years — or 600 terabytes — of data processed from 57,000 assets

60 Billion

60,000,000,000 machine health measurements powering our AI/ML capabilities

$2.2 billion

$3 billion in documented
customer savings


The best way to understand the machine health optimization power of SMARTdiagnostics is to see it for yourself. Our team of engineers includes industry-specific experts and certified vibration analysts who can demonstrate SMARTdiagnostics features and answer any questions you have about the hardware and software components of the platform.

Take control of your plant’s health and request a demo today.

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