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Get on the fastest path to maximum ROI with the expert guidance of our SENTRYsolutions team.


SENTRYsolutions boosts your SMARTdiagnostics investment by layering on continuous machine health monitoring and optimization services. Our team’s mission is to find the precise operating conditions that allow a plant to run at peak efficiency and capability for maximum uptime and profit.


Anyone can monitor for faults. SENTRYsolutions proactively solves your most persistent asset problems and permanently engineers failure out of your processes.

Benefits of SENTRYSolutions partnership:


    • Expert Help in Preventative Maintenance
    • Maintenance, Priority Checks and Efficiency Improvements
    • Custom Configuration and Ongoing Optimization of your Machine Health Optimization Solutions

What is SENTRYsolutions?

SENTRYsolutions is a team of experts that creates customized analysis and solutions for your plant’s assets. Our team is made up of engineers, vibration experts, industry specialists, and optimization professionals who have the training and expertise to understand your business objectives, and offer industry-leading solutions, and support your manufacturing operations.

Our experts provide preventive maintenance advice and machine health optimization for your plant’s assets. SENTRYsolutions will add custom configuration, priority checks, and efficiency improvements for your plant’s assets to increase performance and optimization.

If you choose not to add SENTRYsolutions partnership to your optimization plan, you’ll miss out on maximizing your plant’s ROI, plant uptime and profits.

By adding a SENTRYsolutions partnership, our experts will have constant monitoring and analysis on your plant’s machine health. Our experts are trained in preventative maintenance and experienced optimization improvements and problem solving solutions.

SENTRYsolutions Optimization Expertise:

Developing Comprehensive Monitoring in Harsh Environments:

SENTRY engineers work with our clients to develop comprehensive machine health solutions for critical production assets. Machines that typically operate in harsh environments may be incompatible with traditional methods of vibration monitoring, but are critical to monitor because failures have the potential to lead to several weeks of unplanned downtime.

Power Optimization Project:

By using utility monitoring solutions, SENTRY has been able to help monitor outages on antiquated substations powering an entire plant. Our experts also helped reduce the amount plants were operating their pumping systems during planned downtime (weekends, nighttime, etc.) which collectively has helped one customer save $20k in power usage each month.

Scalable Solutions to Detect Unique Faults:

Developing custom models for critical components is an experienced advantage to adding SENTRY experts to your plant’s optimization plan. The models SENTRY has created were designed to automatically detect and diagnose faults that were unique to each machine component and create work orders for plant CMMS to quickly address those faults. Scalable solutions such as this were being replicated across OEMs to solve chronic issues and eliminate expensive downtime.


By adding SENTRYsolutions partnership to your machine health optimization, you’re adding value and maximizing ROI for your plant.

SENTRYsolutions provides a competitive advantage to your SMARTdiagnostics plan by adding an additional layer of monitoring and optimization investment for your asset health. Our experts are trained to analyze, detect, and create lasting solutions for your machine health optimization.

Finding and fixing problems before they’re serious would be a challenge for anyone. SENTRYsolutions is experienced in preventative maintenance to create improved OEE with priority checks for ongoing optimization in your plant. SENTRY experts will develop custom configurations for your machine health to create uptime and profits.

By adding a SENTRYsolutions partnership to your optimization plan, you’re increasing your ROI by proactively catching failures and prioritizing maintenance in your plant.

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