KCF Technologies Reaches $3 Billion in Customer Savings

August 9, 2022 | Press Releases

State College, PA: KCF Technologies, a leading provider of machine health optimization technology and services, announced today a major milestone – $3 Billion in tracked lifetime customer savings collectively across all industries they serve.

Since being founded in 2000, KCF technologies has continuously worked to provide value to help people and enrich society through technology, services, and hardware. The starting point of such efforts is the desire to eliminate waste and promote the convergence of people and technology.

Through the convergence of people and technology, in just shy of one year since celebrating $2 Billion in customer savings, KCF Technologies has announced another landmark achievement of $3 Billion in customer savings.

KCF savings doesn’t just stop with the quantifiable and measurable impact of avoiding downtime. Environmental impact savings can be measured by the work done to eliminate waste. Waste, including CO2 emissions from machine inefficiency and minimizing excess energy usage, provide KCF partners savings and a reduction in environmental impact.

The unprecedented number of skilled labor retiring, the labor shortage, and increased demand for output in industry have reaffirmed the importance of contributing to society, finding manufacturing efficiencies, and saving money to reduce operating costs. For the team at KCF Technologies, each dollar saved by customers is much more than just its monetary value. It symbolizes what drives every KCF team member to wake up each day ready to solve some of the manufacturing world’s most significant, pressing issues. These critical systems in industry are required for society to function – to keep food on the tables, paper goods stocked, and heat and cool homes.

“KCF works in conjunction with our customers to eliminate waste, downtime, and injuries by engaging today’s workforce through technology.” Shares KCF Technologies President Lou Romano. “In order to quantify and measure this impact over time, we work to convert everything from complex optimization projects to simple downtime avoidance into ‘dollars saved.’ This metric drives our collective teams to remember the work we’re doing is having a real impact in the communities we serve.”

The industrial partner that took KCF over the collective industry savings milestone of $3 Billion was an industry-leading hydraulic fracturing company, Calfrac.

“Calfrac deploys several cutting-edge technologies to maximize results including KCFs machine health platform.” Said Calfrac US Fleet Manager, Dave Mykyte. “Whether looking at downtime hours avoided or dollars saved, we are pleased with our joint efforts that contributed to this milestone of $3 Billion in Customer Savings across all industries KCF services.”


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