KCF Technologies Accelerates Machine Health Platform with new Investors

July 20, 2022 | Press Releases

State College, PA: KCF Technologies, a leading provider of machine health optimization technology and services, announced strategic investments through its first growth capital round. The benefit to the capital raised will help KCF scale faster with technology development, sustain rapid growth, and continue to push industry beyond predictive maintenance with a full machine health platform.

Over the last two decades, KCF has organically grown a global portfolio of 128 manufacturing companies. In the first half of 2022, KCF has expanded the full stack offering of hardware, software, and services into 84 new plant and shop locations on the heels of new product and feature releases. 

Momentum from this year’s release of KCF’s all-new SMARTdiagnostics 4.0 machine health platform, coupled with hardware advancements from the release of an all-new Base Station in early 2022, KCF’s tech platform continues to accelerate with enhancements and adoption across manufacturers worldwide. New features for 2022 that are advancing adoption of the machine health platform include Sensor AI and MachineIQ.  SensorAI consistently monitors data to search for deviations and sudden changes that drive the need for immediate action on plants critical assets. MachineIQ classifies and makes recommendations to solve issues, facilitating work flows to schedule maintenance work through Computer Maintenance Management System integrations.

KCF’s proprietary software, SMARTdiagnostics, leverages a library of machine data, analytics, and condition monitoring expertise acquired over two decades. SMARTdiagnostics continues to develop on a foundation of 200,000 collective years of machine health and over 60 billion machine health measurements to further advance offerings powered by advanced analytics, Machine Learning, and AI. The convergence of industry leading machine health technology and a high-touch engineering team that has a deep understanding of asset performance has delivered over $2.7 billion dollars in customer savings to date.

Built on a foundation to permanently solve complex asset problems, KCF’s integrated platform serves critical global manufacturers in various industrial verticals, including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, power generation, forest products, oil & gas, and automotive.

“For the last 20 years we have been fortunate for our long-standing relationships with cutting-edge manufacturers around the world. Today, we are thrilled to bring in like-minded partners to accelerate our tech stack and scale the value even faster.” – Dr. Jeremy Frank, CEO of KCF Technologies

Two partners in the Series A funding, Graham Partners and RiverBay Capital, benefit KCF with their focused industry knowledge in technology, advanced manufacturing, and engineering resources.

About KCF Technologies:

KCF is on a mission to permanently solve the complex asset problems that have plagued industry. Our team develops technology and services that empower industrial businesses to eliminate unplanned downtime, optimize their operations, and outpace their competition. For more information on SMARTdiagnostics 4.0, visit www.kcftech.com.


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