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The oil and gas industry is evolving rapidly. Adopting innovative approaches to asset optimization is critical to keep up with challenging market demands and gain a competitive edge.

Oil and gas leaders in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors rely on our machine health optimization technology to identify machine faults, reduce asset failures, maximize production, and keep their employees safe.


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KCF Technologies Gives Oil and Gas Producers a Competitive Edge

Our machine health experts have monitored well over a million hydraulic fracturing stages across six North American shale basins. Out of that data came two key learnings:

Companies that are not using machine health and automation technology are pumping 15% less than they could be.

Companies that are not using machine health and automation technology are willingly giving up at least 30% of their machine’s life. 

Today’s highly competitive market means that companies need to differentiate themselves with an innovative approach to asset and production optimization. The SMARTdiagnostics machine health optimization platform provides monitoring, analysis, and automation capabilities built to work in the toughest environments to deliver the best results.

KCF’s hydraulic fracturing customers see an average 5X ROI on their SMARTdiagnostics investment

Human-driven load balancing avg time to act: 90 seconds

Computer-driven load balancing avg time to act: 0.001 seconds

Essential Components of Machine Health Monitoring and Automation

Not all machine health technology is created equally. Monitoring platforms that output data only a trained engineer can understand are of no use to equipment operators when they need to make critical, split-second decisions. And systems that offer algorithmic decision-making are only as good as the data they’re built on.

To gain and maintain a competitive advantage, oil and gas leaders need a machine health solution that:

    • Is robust and scalable, so not a single critical component goes unmonitored

    • Is operator-focused, relaying critical machine health information to the people who need it in language they understand

    • Can be integrated across the fleet to maintain rate and automatically implement corrective actions

    • Is built on extensive and accurate collected data from similar assets, so urgent issues can be immediately identified

Learn more about gaining a competitive edge with the most advanced, comprehensive machine health optimization platform on the market for oil and gas producers.

Maximize Revenue and Reduce Downtime with Oil and Gas Asset-Specific Solutions 

Our innovative machine health monitoring and automation platform is built on billions of manufacturing signals ingested by tens of thousands of deployed sensors, so we can readily identify — and help you solve — even the most challenging oil & gas machine health problems.

Upstream Hydraulic Fracturing Best Practices Asset Guide

  • Split Stream Pressure Optimization
  • Ground Pig Optimization
  • High-Pressure Iron
  • Contaminated Oil Tote

Upstream Drilling Best Practices Asset Guide

  • Debris in Mud Pumps
  • LCM Pill Impact in Mud Pumps
  • Fluid End Modules
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Midstream Best Practices Asset Guide

  • Compressor Discharge Piping
  • Compressor Cooling Fans
  • Motor Misalignment
  • Screw Compressors

Downstream Best Practices Asset Guide

  • Compressor Discharge Piping
  • Compressor Cooling Fans
  • Motor Misalignment
  • Screw Compressors

Our asset-specific solutions were developed based on billions of data points collected from tens of thousands of monitored assets. Our team of SENTRYsolutions engineers includes specialized oil and gas machine health problem-solvers who help organizations like yours get on the fastest path to maximum ROI. 

Are you ready to achieve maximum potential production? Contact us today to learn how we can eliminate the root causes of your machine failures.

SMARTdiagnostic Dashboards are viewed on the factory floor.

SMARTdiagnostics 4: The Ultimate Machine Health Analysis and Automation Tool for Oil and Gas

KCF’s SMARTdiagnostics machine health platform helps forward-thinking oil and gas producers to take control of their critical assets’ health to optimize performance, eliminate downtime, and crush production goals — all while getting an average 5x return on investment.

Key Features of SD4:


SensorAI is designed to search for data deviations and sudden operational changes that will trigger immediate corrective action for a fleet’s most critical assets.


DAMAGEscore evaluates all assets and assigns them a score based on their relative health to your operation’s baseline. Quickly understand the health of your equipment on a simple 1 – 10 scale.


MachineIQ automatically classifies machine health issues and makes recommendations to solve them. It facilitates work flows to schedule critical maintenance.

What Our Customers Are Saying 

To learn how we can reduce unplanned downtime from machine faults, minimize lost production time and revenue, and give you an unbeatable competitive advantage, book a discovery call today.

“I want to brag about our south Texas district. They have gone three complete calendar years, and over three million work-hours, with zero incidents. And that is remarkable.”
-Buddy Petersen, COO, FTS International

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