Case Studies

Kaneka – Transforming Culture in the Digital Business Landscape


Chesapeake – Path to Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability with KCF Technologies

Oil & Gas – Midstream

Georgia-Pacific – Transforming Industries: The Power of Remote Monitoring and AI

Forest Products

Keystone Clearwater Solutions – Remote Monitoring on 100% of Critical Pumps and Motors 

Oil & Gas

Calfrac Well Services – Ensuring Reliable Hydraulic Fracturing

Oil & Gas

Stopping the Vulnerability with Drilling Rigs

Oil & Gas – Drilling

Municipal Utility District, Katy Texas


Stamping Press Crown Downtime Avoidance


Top Drive – Traction Motor

Oil & Gas – Drilling

Machine Health Stories

Machine Health at Scale

Georgia Pacific and KCF Technologies

Experience the predictive machine health transformation of Georgia Pacific, a global leader in forest product manufacturing, as they optimize their operations -scaling from 20,000 to over 60,000 KCF Technologies sensors in just five years. Discover how this monumental scaling endeavor has revolutionized their business, slashing unplanned events by a jaw-dropping 50%, resolving systemic issues company-wide, and empowering every individual, regardless of position, with invaluable machine health data.

Empowering People with Technology

St. Croix Tissue and The University of Maine

“Investing in our program is one of the ways you end up with someone like Matt Cowen coming in to give a presentation to students, having a student. Alex Daigle, who’s sitting in that audience, then goes to work for your company, St. Croix Tissue, and brings this technology to fruition in less than a year after graduation and really makes a huge impact on your business.”

Carrie Enos
President of the Paper and Pulp Foundation
University of Maine


Over 600+ Manufacturing locations trust KCF Technologies
with their Asset Monitoring. 


Because they are gaining a competitive edge. 
An average of 10x ROI.

Introducing the Smartsensing Mobile Kit

Gain the flexibility of the KCF Technologies Comprehensive Machine Health Platform with a kit designed with flexibility in mind. Each mobile kit includes everything to get started with basic monitoring of an asset.

Each kit includes:

  • 6 High-Definition Vibration Sensors
  • 1 Base Station
  • Access to SMARTdiagnostics software
  • Access to KCF Academy

Get started today.

2023 Summit Keynotes

The 2023 Manufacturing the Future Summit was a monumental success! We’re thrilled to announce that our keynote speeches are now available virtually.

Hear from industry leaders on topics such as:

  • The Case for Digital Transformation
  • Digital Twin: Moving Beyond the Buzzwords
  • The Pulping Reliability Challenge
  • and more


Co-Founder and CEO
KCF Technologies


Sr. Director of Reliability


President U.S. Division
Calfrac Well Services


Senior Director of Asset Health


Sr. Reliability Engineer


IOT Manager
Precision Drilling