Case Studies

Why KCF?

Top Drive – Traction Motor

Oil & Gas – Drilling

Keystone Clearwater Solutions – Remote Monitoring on 100% of Critical Pumps and Motors 

Oil & Gas

Calfrac Well Services – Ensuring Reliable Hydraulic Fracturing

Oil & Gas

Stopping the Vulnerability with Drilling Rigs

Oil & Gas – Drilling

Municipal Utility District, Katy Texas


Stamping Press Crown Downtime Avoidance


A Machine Health Story

St. Croix Tissue and The University of Maine

“Investing in our program is one of the ways you end up with someone like Matt Cowen coming in to give a presentation to students, having a student. Alex Daigle, who’s sitting in that audience, then goes to work for your company, St. Croix Tissue, and brings this technology to fruition in less than a year after graduation and really makes a huge impact on your business.”

Carrie Enos
President of the Paper and Pulp Foundation
University of Maine