In an industry where downtime effects entire cities, wastewater treatment facilities rely on KCF’s machine-health monitoring solution to closely monitor critical assets, alert staff of potential damage, reduce downtime, and save on maintenance-related costs.

SMART Solutions


A wastewater treatment plant in central Pennsylvania has two large dewatering centrifuges. The bearings wear rapidly, due to the inherent imbalance. The opportunity was identified for a system to monitor the condition of the bearings and centrifuge system, to provide predictive information. The goal is to reduce unnecessary maintenance and avoid sudden unexpected failures.


Leveraging the low-cost and simple solution, SMARTdiagnostics sensors were installed on the axial and radial bearing points of both centrifuges. The system was installed rapidly and was set up for monitoring by the facility operator. After three months of operation, an axial sensor point identified a developing machine behavior that could have otherwise gone unnoticed. 


  • Lift Stations
  • Activated Sludge Pumps
  • Fans and Blowers

“Besides the fact that they have a good product that is constantly improving, the thing that really sets KCF apart is their monitoring services and customer support. Unlike other companies, KCF doesn’t just sell a product and walk away. They work with you to monitor your machinery.”

Reliability Leader

“Product loss will not be eliminated with preventative maintenance. It can only be achieved by adopting a predictive approach and addressing issues before they result in catastrophic failure.”

SENTRY Pharmaceutical Manager

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