The KCF Technologies machine-health monitoring solution helps the power generation industry reduce downtime costs, prevent outages, optimize plant performance, and ensure reliable energy for homes and businesses across the country. With 24/7 remote monitoring, KCF power generation customers can check on their assets from their desks, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.   

SMART Solutions


One major U.S. power generation company was looking for a way to predict machine faults in key assets, such as boiler feed water pumps, before they became expensive, catastrophic failures. In addition, this company was looking for fast data collection, accurate fault identification, and remote monitoring to protect the safety of their plant maintenance engineers.


By implementing KCF’s machine health solution and Sentry Services, this power generation company now has 24/7 continuous monitoring of key assets such as boiler feed water pumps, gland steam exhausters, air preheaters, cooling pumps, and more. In just 3 months, they saved almost $5 million in downtime related costs. Engineers on site are excited to have full spectrum monitoring which gives them quality machine health data instantly and easily. Most importantly, remote monitoring has made their workplace safer, since plant maintenance workers no longer have to climb up on scaffolds for monthly machine health data collection.


  • Intake Structure Pumps
  • Boiler Feedwater Pumps
  • ID/FD Fans
  • Stator Cooling Water Pumps 

“Normally, we have workers 30 feet in the air on a scaffold talking monthly data collections. With KCF our engineers can gather this data at their desks for both faster data and safer employees.”

Reliability Leader

“Thank god we have your sensors and software on our critical assets during COVID-19, it’s the closest I can come to feeling the vibration.”

Fortune 500 Engineer

“Our engineers love that KCF offers full spectrum monitoring, meaning it records both frequency and amplitude. The value of fixing a machine problem before it becomes a catastrophic failure is huge in utilities, especially when working with expensive machines like boiler feedwater pumps”

Reliability Manager

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