With the KCF Technologies machine-health monitoring solution, pharmaceutical companies can remotely monitor hard-to-reach assets, protect valuable assets such as clean room HVAC systems, optimize production, and, most importantly, ensure millions of Americans get the prescriptions they depend on.

SMART Solutions


A surgeon would not perform a heart transplant on a patient with a brain tumor or a broken leg. In the same way, maintenance and reliability teams need to know exactly what issue to address and how severe it is before scheduling downtime. But how is this possible?


KCF Technologies’ wireless vibration monitoring gives your team an understanding of the health condition of all of your  assets. This ensures that you are addressing issues on planned downtime before they cause process interruption.


  • Exhaust Fans
  • Inlet & Exhaust Blowers
  • Large Air Handlers 
  • Process Robots

“Besides the fact that they have a good product that is constantly improving, the thing that really sets KCF apart is their monitoring services and customer support. Unlike other companies, KCF doesn’t just sell a product and walk away. They work with you to monitor your machinery.”

Reliability Leader

“Product loss will not be eliminated with preventive maintenance. It can only be achieved by adopting a predictive approach and addressing issues before they result in catastrophic failure.”

SENTRY Pharmaceutical Manager

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