With constant pressure to reduce costs, prevent workplace injuries, and increase output, leaders in the mining industry adopt Industry 4.0 technology to increase the efficiency of their mines. The KCF Technologies’ machine-health solution allows mining companies to remotely monitor their assets, increase employee safety, decrease downtime of conveyors and other critical assets, and increase throughput and profitability.

SMART Solutions


Shaker tables in mining applications are designed to vibrate at high frequencies. The high frequency helps filter materials, but it also masks underlying issues that traditional machine health monitoring cannot detect. One mining company was looking for a way to filter out vibrational noise to predict sudden shaker table failures.


KCF Technologies developed a unique software feature that filters out unnecessary noise in the data to reveal underlying shaker table problems. With KCF’s Industry 4.0 machine health monitoring services, one mining company discovered an unexpected root cause of potential shaker table failures. After identifying and replacing the faulty asset part, the vibration levels of the shaker table were restored to normal and catastrophic failure was avoided.


  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Crusher/Mills
  • Mobile Equipment

“Besides the fact that they have a good product that is constantly improving, the thing that really sets KCF apart is their monitoring services and customer support. Unlike other companies, KCF doesn’t just sell a product and walk away. They work with you to monitor your machinery.”

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