American automotive manufacturers can gain an advantage in a highly competitive market by reducing unplanned downtime, monitoring specialized intermittent and hard-to-reach machines, classifying machine failures, and ensuring optimal plant performance with remote monitoring.


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The final chapter in a new vehicle’s voyage—conveyance is the #1 most critical path to optimization in auto manufacturing, yet the majority of maintenance performed on this golden road is unsophisticated and poorly targeted.


Even though robots are the auto industry’s most closely tracked assets for cycle times and maintenance scheduling, they’re among the least capable of warning you when they’re about to fail. Their intermittent operations and lockout/tagout requirements leave most blind to unplanned downtime.

PRESS CROWN (Stamping)

The hydraulic pump systems that power stamping machines are a quite frankly—a disaster. Not your fault though, much can be related to the system’s design and operator blind spots—but these suboptimal systems are the root cause of 30% of downtime. The crown press is full of magical insight that your competitors are just now beginning to discover. Find a way to monitor its inner workings and you’ll transform operations.


While fan faults such as loose belts, misalignment, and bearing wear continue to catch you by surprise, they no longer have to. Major auto manufacturers are cataloging enough faults that incredibly accurate analytics now exist to immediately eliminate 80% of the downtime issues you still suffer.

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