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Automotive manufacturing is one of the most advanced industries in the world, but is nevertheless frequently disrupted by machine reliability problems

Even with incredible innovation in process optimization, auto manufacturing is heavily reliant on traditional machinery components that are prone to frequent failure like motors, pumps, fans, and conveyors, as well as more complex machinery made specifically for automotive part creation and assembly.


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Optimize Your Automotive Manufacturing Performance

Automotive manufacturers can gain an advantage in a highly competitive market by reducing unplanned downtime, getting to the root cause of machine failures, and ensuring peak plant performance with the SMARTdiagnostics machine health optimization platform.

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Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Automotive Asset-Specific Solutions

Our technology is built on billions of auto manufacturing signals ingested by tens of thousands of deployed sensors.

We use this data to identify — and help you solve — even the most challenging machine health problems that are specific to automotive manufacturing assets.


Conveyors are the circulatory system of an automotive manufacturing plant. These critical systems operate intermittently and are often built with non-standard parts, making them difficult to accurately monitor.

Cost of Conveyance System Failures

  • $900,000/hour downtime cost
  • 1-2 hours downtime, on average


Robotic assets operate intermittently, which makes monitoring them very difficult. However, accurately monitoring these assets is critical as downtime can cause significant production delays.

Cost of Robotics Failures

  • $905,000/hour downtime cost
  • $10 hours downtime, on average

Press Crown (Stamping)

The hydraulic pump systems that power stamping machines are complex manufacturing assets. Their propensity for failure is often due to system design and operator blind spots, and are the root cause of 30% of press crown downtime. 

Cost of Press Crown Failures

  • $30M replacement
  • $10,000-$25,000/day labor costs for repairs
  • $10,000-$50,000 shipping costs


Millions of dollars in downtime costs can be attributed to fan failures in automotive paint shops. Eyes-and-ears maintenance practices and dedicated routes are not enough to predict failures, even due to common issues like fan imbalance.

Cost of Fan Failures

  • $900,000/hour downtime cost
  • 8 hours downtime, on average

Lubrication Skid Pump

A Lubrication Skid is a piece of lubrication equipment used to top off oils, greases, or other fluids for machinery. The pumps reduce reliance on oil storage lockers, barrels, and containers. This asset is essential to monitor because failure could lead to serious unplanned downtime, as replacement parts are often slow to arrive.

Cost of Lubrication Skid Failures

  • ~$900K/hour downtime cost
  • 3 hours downtime, on average

Vertical Drop Lifts

Vertical Drop Lifts (VDL) are common assets in an automotive assembly plant. VDLs give plants the ability to safely raise and lower car bodies for transportation above or below the shop floor. This asset is crucial to plant operations and its failure often leads to line shutdowns and significant production losses.

Cost of Vertical Drop Lifts Failures

  • $7400/hour downtime cost
  • 1.5 hours downtime, on average

Carrier Drives

Carrier Drives are critical-path assets. If a carrier drive goes down, the result is a total line shutdown causing extended lost production. With miles of carrier chain throughout a plant, it can be difficult to pinpoint the breakdown. These problems cannot always be caught right away through traditional monitoring.

Cost of Carrier Drives Failures

  • $905,000/hour downtime cost
  • 3 hours downtime, on average
  • Safety incidents

KCF Technologies Gives Automotive Manufacturers a Competitive Edge

Gain access to a team of engineers with a wealth of automotive-specific experience in asset health monitoring, root cause analysis, and problem-solving.

Our holistic machine health optimization platform was designed specifically for manufacturers with rapid rates of production. We’ll help you save your plants from unplanned downtime and increase productivity and revenue.

Process Optimization for Automotive Manufacturers

Opportunities to optimize automotive production processes can only be unlocked once plant leaders are able to collect the right data to answer critical operational questions.

Are operators on all shifts using best practices with manually-operated machinery?

Are machines running unnecessarily during off-hours, wasting energy and incurring extra wear?

Are start-up and shut-down procedures causing undue shock damage to systems that could be smoothed out?

Are pumps operating at their best efficiency point, with proper plumbing to allow maximum service life?

Are fans being cleaned at the optimal cadence to prevent material build- up throwing them out of balance?

These (and many other) questions can only be answered with the insight provided by a holistic machine health optimization platform.

Drive process improvements in your plant with advanced analytics, expert insight from engineers with automobile industry experience, continuous asset monitoring and analysis, and predictive maintenance support.

How Our Automotive Machine Health Optimization Platform Works

KCF’s comprehensive machine health platform allows thousands of individual monitoring points on your assets to wirelessly and continuously transmit machine health data to a central cloud database.

The platform will alert maintenance professionals to assets that need attention, so that crews can act in a targeted fashion during those narrow windows of time available for maintenance. This allows your maintenance team to go straight to the machines that need help instead of using critical plant time to perform ineffective PMs on machines that are functioning properly.

However, alerting maintenance teams when machines are already failing doesn’t get to the root cause of machine health issues. SMARTdiagnostics sensors can pick up much earlier signs of impending failure such as troubling vibration signatures, changing temperature profiles, pressure fluctuations, oil quality changes, or spikes in electrical current.

Working with our SENTRYsolutions team to interpret and act on these vital early warnings has prevented over 1600 hours of downtime in the auto industry.

How Our Automotive Machine Health Optimization Platform Works

What Our Customers Are Saying

Scalable Solutions to Detect Unique Press Faults: Developing custom models for critical components is a crucial advantage to adding SENTRYsolutions expertise to your plant’s optimization plan.

“The models SENTRY has created were designed to automatically detect and diagnose faults that were unique to each machine component and create work orders for plant CMMS to quickly address those faults. Scalable solutions such as this were being replicated across OEMs to solve chronic issues and eliminate expensive downtime.”

To learn how we can automatically detect and diagnose faults in your automotive manufacturing plant, book a discovery call today.

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