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The forestry industry is highly essential and is experiencing unprecedented levels of customer demand. Lumber mills and pulp and paper plants depend on continuous operation of every machine component to run effectively. One machine failure can cause production delays or bring the entire operation to a standstill.   
KCF’s state-of-the-art asset monitoring solutions for the forestry industry are designed to decrease energy costs, optimize processes, decrease downtime, and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs.

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Prevent Building Material Production Downtime

Smart manufacturers of building materials such as lumber, plywood, OSB, engineered wood products, particle board, and gypsum/wallboard use KCF’s asset monitoring solutions that combine hardware and software to put virtual eyes and ears on critical machinery. These solutions are designed to raise smart alarms that point to specific causes of failure, so that maintenance crews can solve the root of the problem.  

Gang saws—a critical part of the lumber production process—run constantly at high speeds but are only under load when cutting, making them difficult to monitor with traditional vibration monitoring technology. Motor and arbor bearings of the gang saw are extremely vulnerable to vibration damage due to high-speed operation, repeated loading and unloading cycles, and arbor misalignment or flexing. 

Failures associated with motor bearings and couplings, arbor bearings, and the arbor itself can cost a mill over 2 million dollars annually in lost production and repairs.

For critical forestry assets like gang saws, the IoT Hub succeeds where traditional vibration monitoring fails. Here’s how:

Intermittent Operation: Monitor assets that operate intermittently using multiple data points, or use the trigger signal input to measure periods of interest during the asset’s operation. This allows the user to compare relevant data.

Synchronous Data Collection: Accurately time-synchronize sampling from multiple monitoring points.

Signal Propagation: Wireless sensors can be placed anywhere—including submerged locations—as they are decoupled from the IoT Hub.

High Temperature: Placing the IoT Hub away from extreme environments ensures you don’t compromise battery power or temperature limits.

For critical forestry assets like gang saws, the IoT Hub succeeds where traditional vibration monitoring fails.

Optimize Pulp & Paper Production Machine Health

In paper and pulp processing, continuous operation of many pieces of rotating machinery can cause rapid wear under sustained use. When these machines fail, can they be costly to repair or replace, and production may be halted.

Processes in the production of paper materials—including containerboard, cellulose, pulp, paper, tissue, paper towel, napkin, plates, cups, corrugated box, and non-wovens—are extremely complicated and involve hundreds of variables all needing to be manually tuned just right in order to get the right product at the end of the process. 

KCF’s SMARTdiagnostics machine health optimization platform can help operators fine-tune settings based on live machine health data. When every aspect of your plant is optimized, equipment will operate at its best efficiency point, nudging OEE and MTBF higher and higher. 

Pulp and paper manufacturers are cataloging fan faults with KCF SMARTdiagnostics to immediately eliminate 80% of downtime issues.

Forest Products Machine Health

Save Energy and Reduce Maintenance Costs with the Forest Products Industry’s Most Advanced Machine Health Optimization Platform

Discover how KCF’s complete machine health optimization platform works to help forest product manufacturers reduce costs associated with wasted energy and unnecessary maintenance. 

Custom Monitoring:

With the IoT Hub, sensors are located directly on the system components that are identified as most problematic, including motors and arbors.


The system is configured to acquire data at the precise time when the known failures or damaging conditions occur. The Hub makes this affordable and relatively easy to install to an existing PLC.


KCF works to adapt the solution, constantly learning of new vulnerabilities and updating data acquisition and sensor configuration to enable continuous improvement.

Smart Connectivity:

While the IoT Hub is a wireless monitoring solution, its design allows for remote placement of the radio transmitter.


Root cause analysis allows KCF engineers to suggest changes to reduce risk factors. These can include changes to speed of blades, feed rate, and other factors.

Book a discovery call to learn more about gaining a competitive edge with the most advanced, comprehensive machine health optimization platform on the market for forest product manufacturers.

Forest Product Manufacturers Use SMARTdiagnostics 4.0 for Machine Health Analysis and Automation

Through the deployment of SMARTdiagnostics, KCF provides continuous monitoring of critical rotating equipment securely and remotely. This enables forest product manufacturers to eliminate unplanned events, prioritize maintenance, reduce unnecessary routes/PMs, and optimize operations to achieve the optimal balance of asset health, throughput, and quality. 

SMARTdiagnostics 4.0 software gives you the right data with the right analysis, so you can visualize the data to make swift, data-backed maintenance and operations decisions. Reduce safety risks with automated fault detection analytics and automated controls integration.

Contact us to design a return on investment program for deploying SMARTdiagnostics in your mill or plant. 

Proactively Solve Persistent Issues with SENTRYsolutions

SENTRYsolutions is our team of machine health experts—including forestry industry specialists—who create customized analyses and solutions for your plant’s assets, giving you a critical competitive edge. Engineers, vibration experts, and industry specialists have the training and expertise to add custom configuration, priority checks, and efficiency improvements for your plant’s assets to increase performance and optimization.

Learn how KCF can help you empower your team to make data-driven decisions to reduce unplanned downtime from machine faults and minimize lost production time and revenue. Book a discovery call today. 

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